Humans of the Year I

Branding / Exhibition




Humans of the Year

A celebration for those humans make our future brighter.

It was great experience to do a branding for a new partnership program called “Humans of the Year” from Motherboard on Vice. I was able to build brand identity and exhibition for this program. We successfully culminated a gala in partnership with Toyota Prius Prime and Smart cities on May 5th 2017 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a celebrating the incredible humans who make our future brighter.  

My job as a designer was to create a full cohesive brand identity for a program and exhibition. My job as a art director was to create Prius Prime commercial bumper with Vogner, floor plan design and art direct 2 of 3 installations for gala. I was able to design both digital and physical deliverables and was able to work closely with producers, designers and the clients. 

Design and Art Direct - Dana Kim
Program Director - Jennifer Armadio
Producer - Rebecca Walsh
Technical Director - Alex Czetwertynski
Production Manager - Stephanie Williams
Associate Creative Director - Lana Porter
Design Director - Dersu Rhodes
Motion - Dana Kim, Vogner
Illustrator - Electra Sinclair