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Brand / Motion 


Pulse Film 


@Dec 2017


Voice on the street. Voice that need to be heard.
Resist is a short documentary series about equality and justice in Prison incarceration, LGBTQ, and Black Lives Matters presented by Pulse Flim. The idea is 'Voice on the street'. Here are final results and some early stage concepts.

My job as a designer was to deliver a branding package of a logo, title sequence, lower 3rd card, archival, bumpers and stats. My job as a art director was to create a team, location scout, direct,  and post edit. 

All logos are existed organizations.

Design - Dana Kim
Art Direct - Dana Kim
Producer - Carolin Oliveria
Design Manager - Dersu Rhodes
Camera - Moses Goldfarb
Photography - Allen Chiu

Sketch 1


Sketch 2